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Tom received his BFA from the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, graduating at the top of his class in 1988. In 1990, he landed his first full time position as an artist/designer for the World Wrestling Federation. After 3 1/2 years of a corporate environment, he decided to return to freelance. He immediately accomplished his childhood dream of painting comic book heroes by being commissioned by DC and Marvel Comics to illustrate characters such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, The X-men, and all his favorites. Then in 1995, Tom decided not to limit himself to the comic industry alone and now works out of his home studio illustrating such diverse subjects as Science Fiction/Fantasy, Sports, Wildlife, Landscapes and advertising products, along with his Super-heroes. Tom has also landed a job as the official illustrator for the movie “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys” Starring Jody Foster with clips of animation by Todd McFarlane.

                                                 COMMISSION PRICING


Tom is now accepting painted & rendered pencil commissions, please check commission gallery below for examples.

9x12 Rendered Pencil,1 character $175

11x17 Painting,1 character $1400

Please allow 8-10 weeks for commissions to be completed

We Accept Credit Card Orders via phone


World of Warcraft Art

Draenai Warrior

World of Warcraft trading card art

10.5 x 8 $350


Into the Madness of Maw

World of Warcraft trading card art

9 x10 $400


Kiljaeden New

World of Warcraft trading card art

8.5x11 $350


Blood Elf New

World of Warcraft trading card art

7.5 x 10 $350


Murloc New

World of Warcraft trading card art

6 x 8 $400


Tauren New

World of Warcraft trading card art

8.5 x 11 $400


Furbolg New

World of Warcraft trading card art

8 x 10.5  $400


Agamaggan New

World of Warcraft trading card art

8 x 10.5  $400

 Comic Book Art

Judas Traveler

Advertising Uppderdeck vs Game

9x11 $1500



Gaming Card

7.5 x 7.5 $200

Covers Original Art


Controll Issues New

Music CD cover

12 x 12 $800



Winged Panther New

Pen & Ink



Laydown with Lions

White-Wolf Book Cover

11x17.5 $800


Land of the Dead

White-Wolf Book Cover

10.5x15 $700


Wise and the Wicked

White-Wolf Book Cover

12x18 $500



White-Wolf Core Book Cover



Valley of There

 Book Cover

12x16.5 $500


Lives of the Cat

Audio CD cover w/ Claudia Christian

13 x 20 $700


Ring of the Minotaur

Audio CD cover w/ Claudia Christian

11.5 x 18 $700


Agency 32

Book Cover

11 x 17 $700

Interior  Art & Trading Cards


Echidna New

Front & Back of card for Weird & Wild Creatures

10.5 x 9 $350




Topps Trading Card

13.5x18.5 $400


System Shock

Featured in Inquest Magazine

12.5x13 $300

WWE Original Art

WWE Legends New


17 x 30 $1800



Razor Ramon (WWE)


13.5 x 18 $700


Bret Hart (WWE)


15.5 x 21 $1000


Undertaker (WWE)


11.5 x 16 $1000


Bam Bam Biggelo (WWE)


14.5 x19 $600


Shawn Michaels (WWE)


16.5 x 23 $1000

Wildlife Original Art

Monarch Butterflies

12" Diameter $1500


Largemouth Bass

12" Diameter  $1000


Bald Eagle

12" Diameter  $700

Fine Art

Eve  New

24 x 50 Framed




Adam New

24 x 50 Framed




Golden Moon New

24 x 49 Framed




Radiance New

4.5 x 30 Framed




Ophelia New

12 x 20 painting size

29 x 23 Framed

 $2500 framed



Dreaming in the Abstract New

24 x 36 Framed





Coalascence New

4.5 x 30 Framed




Pencil & Painted Commission Gallery





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