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Catskill Comics Original & Commission Art


Catskill Comics

Po Box 264

Glasco NY 12432

                 Original & Commission Art






How To Order

Contact Us -

Welcome to Catskill Comics' online gallery of original comic artwork. The owner, Scott Kress, has been in business of selling original art for over 12 years. We represent some of the finest comic artists in the industry, not only do we sell their original art, but we also set up commission requests for the artist. We look forward to hearing from you, and enjoy your visit.


 Featured Artists

  Paul Abrams  
  Jay Alan  
  David Bancroft  
  David Michael Beck    
  Richard Bonk  
  Brett Breeding  
  Jan Duursema  
  Ramona Fradon  
  Tom Fleming  
  Ron Frenz  
  Drew Geraci New Artist
  Mike Grell   
  Bob Hall   
  Chad Hardin  
  Tom Mandrake  
  Pat Olliffe   
  Gordon Purcell New Artist
  Chris Ring  
  Christie Scheele  
  Ron Wagner  
  Keith Williams  


3/30/15  New Original Art
Paul Abrams New Variety of pin-ups (Phoenix, Poison Ivy, Conan,Huntress and many others)
Ramona Fradon New Brenda Starr Daily Strips
3/23/15  New Original Art
Ramona Fradon New Variety of pin-ups (Metamorpho, Aquaman, Batgirl & more)
3/9/15  New Artist
We are happy to announce that Drew Geraci will be joining our stable at Catskill Comics with some original art and will be available for commissions. Drew has worked 20+ years in the comic world. His first work was with Dave Johnson on Superpatriot: Liberty & Justice. Drew has inked comics for DC Comics, Marvel, Crossgen, Star Trek, Star Wars, and more.











New Dr Strange painting  

12x18 Mixed Media on board  $3200



  Last Updated: 04/15/2015 

Copyright 2003 Catskill Comics, All Rights Reserved.  Characters found on this web site remain property of their respective copyright owners. The artists of Catskill Comics reserve the right to use the images of any commissions they create, for any future purpose. Scans of art may appear slightly different to the original depending on users monitor settings.  Produced by Catskill Comics.