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Ramona Fradon is currently accepting commission requests. Ramona Fradon is a talented artist who started her career in 1950. She has worked for DC Comics, drawing 'Aquaman', for which she co-created the character Metamorpho. She has also worked other DC titles such as 'Superman', 'Batman' and 'Plastic Man' along with comic strip Brenda Starr. Below are some samples of Ramona's commissions.

CHRISTMAS SALE 20% Off on all Ramona Fradon Original Art Nov 4th - 30th, Doesn't include commissions
New Artwork from Ramona will be posted next week
                                                 COMMISSION PRICING


8.5x11 Inked & colored headshot, No background $70

9x12 Pencil,1 character, No background $70

9x12 inked,1 character, No background $100

9x12 inked & Colored,1 character, No background $145

11x17 Pencil,1 character, No background $125

11x17 inked,1 character, No background $175

11x17 Pen/inked, cover recreation w/ Lettering (up to 4 characters) $500

Please allow 6-8 weeks for you commission to be completed

We Accept Credit Card Orders via phone


Brenda Star Daily/Sunday Strips Original Art
Daily Strips measure approx 6x16    Sundays 16x22

2/25/85 $60
















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